What is an Adventure Game?

By    2022-01-05

An Adventure Game is about using your mind instead of your trigger finger; about testing your clever thinking and creative problem solving instead of your dexterity and reflexes. It is based on a story (any kind, from fantasy to fact and from humorous to serious) in which the hero (that's you!) is on some kind of quest or adventure (the plot): in other words, there is a problem of some sort which must be resolved in order to successfully complete the game. To succeed you usually must visit different locations (called "worlds"), interact with objects and/or people, and figure out where to go or what to do next, collecting clues and/or objects along the way to help you solve the puzzles and problems.

Pizza Box Drinking Game Ideas

By    2021-12-18

The pizza box drinking game is a fun and creative drinking game for friends to sit around and enjoy without taking things too seriously. This new drinking game not only involves eating pizza, but it's also very economical and entertaining to play if you're stuck for ideas. If you have a few markers, are on your way to pick up pizza, and have a spare quarter or bottle cap lying about. You can have a good time with your friends while drinking. Play this game in the background while you play other games.

  • Empty Pizza Box
  • A Sharpie or Marker
  • One Coin
  • ​Alcohol

Place your empty pizza box on the ground or on a table with both lids flat against the ground.

Each participant takes their drink and sets it on the pizza box in a strategic location.

With the marker, draw a circle around your drink and write your name in it.

One individual is chosen to go first once everyone has finished drawing and writing their names.

This participant must attempt to land the quarter on another player's name by bouncing it into the pizza box.

If a player misses the pizza box, they have two more chances.

If the quarter lands on another player's name, they must drink.

When the quarter lands on a blank space that isn't touched by anyone's name. Your drink must be placed on top of the quarter. Draw a circle around it and write a rule that you made up.

If you can't get the quarter into the pizza box after two tries, you'll have to drink.

The game continues until there is no more room for new rules to be drawn.

The number of rules that can be used is limitless! You can follow rules such as "Speak only in an accent," "No laughing," or "Crawl around like a snake," and even play games like "Never Have I Ever."

Here are some suggestions for getting started with pizza box with your friends:

1. Put your drink down.
2. Make a phone call to your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend/
4. Perform your best dance move.
5. Do X number of pushups
6. Get a belly shot from your right-hander.
7. Stick a $1 bill on the pizza box (Next person to land on it, gets it)
8. Act out a scene from your favorite film.
9. Sing 30 seconds of your favorite song.
10. Take a picture of whatever your left-hander discovers in the fridge (limit 2 ingredients)
11. Have a beer shotgunned
12. Swap clothing with another partygoer.
13. Perform a party trick you've learned.
14. Tell someone a secret
15. Engage in arm wrestling with a partner of your choice.

We hope you give this game a try at your next gathering now that you have the materials, the rules, and some *hopefully* helpful advice and ideas to get you started. Pizza box is the type of drinking game where everyone wins as long as they try it, have a pleasant attitude, and enjoy the quality time with their friends.